joi, 24 iulie 2014

Top hottest celevrities alive.

I want to make a small top with some of the hottest celebs alive,here i include also men and women who charmed with their beauty or sexy bodies.
Here is the top:
1.Angelina Jolie.(of course i start with her because for over 10 years she ahs been one of the most wanted, most beautiest actress from Hollywood)
2.Eva Mendez.( i love her look,she have an insight beaty that comes over and makes her glow.)
3.Jessica Alba( i would like to translate her beauty like a purity feeling of love,she has an angel look )
4.Denise Richards( i love her sweet barbie face with those deep blue eyes)
5.Jessica Simpson( she is beautiful too but i rather give her credit for her sex appeal,the thing that makes u turn your head when she walks near you).
6.Natalie Portman( i believe had a genuine beauty,pure and intangible)

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