vineri, 25 iulie 2014

Diet pancakes recipe.

Hey, as i have promised you, i have a new diet recipe for you. the pancakes are easy to make, all u need is a blender . i will tell you the incredients and post pics how it looks like. Have fun and bon appetite. 2 oua (eggs) 1 cana lapte (milk) 50 gr unt( butter) 1 cana tarate ovaz rasnite ( faina de ovaz) (oatmeal) 2 ligurite seminte in rasnite (flax seeds) 1 lingurita seminte chia (chia seeds) 1 praf copt bakind powder) 1 lgt zahar sau miere (Sugar or Honey) Se amesteca toate si se fac clatite ( pancakes). You ground the seeds and oat and put all together stir is and bake it on a frypan. Bon appetite. Sunt un deliciu Va pup . Kissses.

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