vineri, 14 decembrie 2012


Makeup on a person's face allows that person to become someone else, a new character. It creates a character we want to be that day, not showing who we really are inside. You can be a diva, a classy woman, a rebel, a V.I.P. or maybe even a slut. We often choose to hide our inner self, to conceal our frustrations and problems. It is easier to forget, even for just a second that we are just simple people with huge responsibilities. We are simple people who run on the same path every day. Always taking the same steps, turning our lives into a routine and not knowing why we never make a change. Sometimes we need a change; we have to escape, to find our roots, to rediscover who we are and why we are here. What is our purpose on earth? I always ask myself, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?”
I have slowly started to realize why I am here. It is to make life more beautiful, to give it color and to make it shine. It's like trying to reach the rainbow. When you see it on those rare occasions, it gives you the chance to meditate and see if your spirit is strong enough to reach the sky. If you have too much weight in your soul, you may never have the chance to fly. Your wings seem clipped. Makeup is a way for you to show how your spirit can grow day to day allowing you to become brighter, more beautiful, and more open. Find yourself! Embrace yourself! Love yourself!

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