duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Fight against cancer.Natural remedies.

I have friends who fight with a cruel disease, cancer!
Sometimes you feel like you would try anything just to get your health back. all kind of drugs,plants,fruits,uncommon treatments,anything.
Surgery sometimes it doesn't help, if the cancer comes back within months.:(
I saw recently a tv show where they were giving few tips, some natural remedies .
I thought i might share with you, maybe people know people who have problems and why not to protect against any disease might appear in future .

First fruit is the cacktus pear, the fruit who contains a very juicy red pulp. Can be squized and drink as fresh juice.
Another is noni fruit, also the fruit can be eaten like that or the fruits put in a jar and left for few weeks,until become a juicy compound.
I know about Nuts, they are rich in iod and magnesium. They are good for memory, for cancer and also for other diseases.
Broccoli it is a strong antioxidant , also very known.
Other few wonders of nature that helps us to prevent cancer are:Green tea
Usually all fruits are vegetables has the quality to help us to fight and prevent any cancer. It matter very much what we eat and how we eat.
If you wish to read more about how to fight and why not other tips for health,you can chec this website.
Wish you all a good health and beautiful life.


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