duminică, 27 februarie 2011

Kama Ahava. Kobi Peretz Live

I am sure you have heard this song on radio . I have searched a lot for it.
It is a great song and it touch my soul.
Enjoy a great performance with Kobi Peretz.A great song in hebrew language.

Here are the translation in english for this beautiful song:
Yearnings from your heart Are always touching me It is from the heart, straight from the heart Glances from your eyes Are exciting for me I love you untill it (hurts so much) I love you when you laugh And not when you are crying I want you happy, not naïve How, how much love there is in the soul .

Kama Ahava.

Here is official version also.

And radio edit version
(REmix made by Niv Cohen)

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