marți, 22 iunie 2010

Flash Forward.Tv serie.

I am currently watching a new Tv serie called Flash Forward.
Some little details about:
What would you do if you knew what your future held? Based on the 1999 novel of the same name written by Robert J. Sawyer, Flash Forward is an American science fiction television series that focuses on the consequences of a strange global event which simultaneously inflicts on everyone on the planet the loss of consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds. During this time, each person has some sort of visions with slices of their lives six months in the future. More than that, the first repercussions of the blackout are more than devastating… crashed aircraft, helicopters fell on buildings, cars involved in terrible accidents, millions of deaths worldwide and global panic. As if that weren’t enough, the survivors wonder whether what they saw will really happen… a quick succession of flashes and everything changes for some for the better while for others for the worse.
If you want to watch it for free,you can do here:

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