duminică, 7 martie 2010

Top 10 best hunks 2010.

I want to make a top with some of the most sexiest men that people adore,worship and love to see them in movies, photos,advertising and not only.

1.Jesse Metcalf. What a girl can dream, a brunnette guy with green eyes. Sexy!
2.Wentworth Miller. I still like him and i'm sure i am not the only one.
3 Ian Sommerhalder. I am sure you've seen him in few good movies. The best is The vampire diaries.
4.MIlo Ventimiglia. He is one of my Heroes.
5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers.The Tudors Tv serie , i am sure you know it already. Very hot.
6.Jesus Luz.I am sure you all know Madonna's boyfriend.
7.Orlando Bloom. It looks like Orlando is still loved and admired by millions of fans.
8.Robert Pattison. I am sure everyone knows who is the number one Twilight hunk.
9.Joe Jonas.He is one of the most adored young manin The Us and not only. The Jonas Brothers rock.
10.Adrian Grenier. He is very hot actor and omg his eyes.:)
Hope you enjoyed my top. Xoxo.

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