vineri, 26 februarie 2010

Dumplings stuffed with plums.

I love this recipe and i always loved to eat when i was little.
Yesterday i made the recipe again and spoiled myself with some awesome dumplings.
For the one who doesn't know,this is a desert.

What you need.
For 4 person recipe.
- 4medium potatoes boiled and then peeled.
-1 egg
-350 grams flour
-200 grams of bread crumbs
-150 grams sugar
-plums(or any other moist dry fruits)
-1 spoon of oil
-1 spoon of butter
-1 spoon of salt

First we put the potatoes to boil,you can boil them like that and peel them after or peel and boil,there is no rule.I peel and boil,much easier.

Separately we take a fry pan and put on low range,first put the butter to melt then we put the bread crumbs,stir all the time.
When the color get brownie we close and put the 150 grams of sugar.

The potatoes boiled are mashed with a fork and let them to cool down a bit,then we put the salt,the oil and the egg, stir and last we put the flour.

Then we take small amount of dough put the plum inside and cover it.
we can take flour on our hand so the dough doesn't stick.

We need a pan fill with water and when it boils we put the dumplings and leave them for 15 minutes to boil on low range.

After the dumplings are boiled we put them in the bread crumbs from the fry pan and roll them in the composition,leave for few seconds and then put on plate.

You can serve them hot or cold,it doesn't matter.
Bonne appetite.

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