marți, 12 ianuarie 2010

Top 10 best romanian singers.

I know some people might disagree with me but hey, it is my top:) .
10. Stefan Banica
I like some songs of his,not all, most of them are too much inspired from The american Rock N' Roll.
A song i like is:

I love Iris and i always listen their music with pleasure.
Here is one song i like very much.

I love Compact too,always loved since i was a kid.
The most memorable song i love is:

7.David Deejay
He si one of the most creative minds of the romanian music ,the new generation.
He made many beautiful songs. The one i like most is:

6.Marcel Pavel
I always loved opera, his voice always reminds me of some of the most known opera singers.His music always talk about love.
I like very much this song,Frumoasa mea:

5.Tom Boxer
Tom is another prolific composer of the new generation.He made some hot hits that i always love to listen them.I like very much this song,A beautiful day.

4.Dj Andi
He is one of the most known and loved Dj's that Romania has,he has some great mixes and composed songs too. I love Dj Andi,Freedom

3.Adrian Daminescu
A very impressive voice,so impregnant.He had some great songs and he still sings,evergreens but in a very personal way.
I like very much how this song,INtr-o zi.

2.Adrian Cristescu
He is my friend and i love his creations,even if he is not known yet,i am pretty sure he will be in the near future.
He was always in the back of the stage,creating music for all the known singers,now finally he got on stage too.
It is never too late. I love this song.Nu vreau poveste de amor.

She is one of the best voices that Romania has at this time, the new generation.
Adi Cristescu compose music for her.
I love this song,Ramai cu mine.

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