joi, 10 decembrie 2009

The vampire diaries. Tv Serie

Since i had no other tv serie to watch as Ghost whisperer episode comes next week,True blood had finished the second season and don't know when the new one comes,i wonder what else to watch.
I saw The vampire diaries and i thought to myself why notlet's have a look to the pilot episode.
I must confess it is so catchy,if you like Twilight,you will love The vampire Diaries.
It is based on a vampire who is falling in love over a human being.It is always the bad side too,the vampire has a brother who is evil and he wants to destroy everything around including his brother's lover.
I saw three episodes already and i am going to watch one more soon.
I will give you a trailer.You can watch the Tv serie here on:

I also have some hot photos for you.
I declare myself a fan of The vampire Diaries.:D

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