joi, 3 decembrie 2009

Thinks you should know about sperm.

I read few months ago some interesting things related to sperm.
Many people are ashamed to talk about this.Consider a taboo subject.
I have few interesting articles.

1.Does sperm gets you fat?
If someone swallow sperm,this doesn't have any calories, some specialists say that it contains zinc and it good for body.:D
2. Does a woman get pregnant if she had sex in water(bathtub)?
It is less probable, not impossible tough, the spermatozoon can survive about 20 minutes in water if it is warm and doesn't contains any chemicals(soap,shampoo,salt).
3.Does sperm can be revived if went on a dry material and then got wet again?
No that is impossible.
4. It is possible to get pregnant during the mens period?
Chances are less but possible,some women have the ovulation during their period, so can be possible.
5.Doest sperm die in the air?
Yes the spermatozoon dies after few seconds in contact with the air.

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