joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

Top 10 best Rock bands ever.

I want to make a top with some of the best rock bands and singers ever.
1. My number one is Queen.
I always loved the music and being a big fan of Freddie Mercury.
The best song of theirs is Bohemiam Rapsody.

2.Nirvana. Since i was a kid i loved to hear Kurt Kobain singing Smells like teen spirits.

3.Metallica.The first song i learned to sing on my guitar was Nothing else matters.
I will always love this song.

4.Guns and Roses. I love Guns and Roses.I always loved to wear a scarf like Axl Rose.
I have a song of them that i like very much. Don't cry.

5.Sting.I always loved to hear Sting's music. Great music.
My favorite song is Roxanne.

6.Bon Jovi.My favorite song of Bon Jovi isLiving on a prayer.

7.Aerosmith. I love Aerosmith music very much.
My fave is I don't wanna miss a thing.

8. Ac Dc. I always smile and i remember this song the Thunderstruck. When i was little and was hearing the song ,i was saying Santo instead od Thunder.:D

9.Black Sabbath. I love Iron Man.

10.Scorpions. I love the Wind of change. My fave.

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