joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

New cool inventions.

I know i should post some new inventions because the last time i posted the inventions of the year 2008.
Soon the 2009 will be over.
Let's see what people have invented this year.

Mini soccer shaped fan.Very good for football fans in the summer days.

Honda bicycle simulator.This is good for people who doesn't like to go out from home,or are too busy working in their office.

Laser cosmos.Brings the cosmos into your room.Pretty cool isn't it?

Stress watch.This will be a big success,i would love to buy one too.People these days deal with a lot of stress.

Accelerate learning software.I think this is a very ingenious idea of making this program,that will help people to improve the language skills.

Safety device for windows.This is a good invention for people who are afraid of thieves.

Blood lamp.This is something new,crazy but very smart.A unique lamp that can be lighted with just a drop of your own blood. Interesting ,isn't it?

Bionic brain chips. This is the future of the nanotechnology in medicine.
A paralized person could walk again just because of this chips that makes the neural conection that your body lost.

The list could continue but i will stop here .

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