joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

Mac makeup review.

I just remembered i should make a review about Mac cosmetics.
I love Mac because it is a professional makeup cosmetics that is really well made.
The eye shadow mineral absorbs all the fat and cream and doesn't run,not to forget to mention about the fluid eye liner who is my favorite.
Once it dries,it stays there for a good amount of hours.
I also bought foundation who is absolutely great,it gives you the natural look,not like other foundation(L'Oreal) who gives your a mask face.:)
The prices are bit expensive but if you want a good quality cosmetics, i recommend .
The products i bought were from e-bay .Other products were bought by a good friend of mine from Canada.
I never bought from their official website,but if you want to buy you are welcome.
I will post here some links for the people who are interested to see and buy.

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