duminică, 29 noiembrie 2009

The DJ's club.

Tonight i went to Pat club because i missed the people and i wanted to see how it is the atmosphere there.
Was not so much people that made me think of another club.I heard that is good people and atmosphere in The Dj's Club.
Even tough it is not too much space, very small, it is very intimate and the music is very good.
Loved it.
I recommend you to take a visit to The Dj's.(Eminescu's street- from Piata Galati down in the street on the left side).
I tried 1 hour to find the club.With a bit of luck i found out where it is.;)
So,if you wanna try new clubs, new experience,friendly people, go there.
Here is the official website where you can find more infos.


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