joi, 15 octombrie 2009

Wentworth Miller is gay.

I saw a recent post and read about Wentworth Miller as being gay,dating Luke Macfarlane.
He always avoided to talk about his personal sexual life,dates,girlfriends...
I believe it is just a rumour,but even if he is really gay i still like him for what he does,for his great work.
You can read the article here:

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  1. hey, thanx for posting a link to my blog ;)

    THis is not a new rumor, it's been going around for more than two years, and most people believe it's true.

    I love both of them, they are kind, smart, reserved, avoid scandals, both are very educated ...

  2. You are welcome, you have a great blog . I heard the rumors but you know,you can never be sure,maybe it is just the media that likes to lie or invent things about celebrities.:) To make traffic,money and so on.

  3. this news is not true.wentworth is not gay.

  4. Ok, maybe I am wrong,maybe he is not,but i ask you something.Have any proof he is not?:)
    Even if he is ,i still appreciate his work! He is a great actor!No doubts about that.

  5. he is the cuttest man on earth.....i adore him

  6. hey...i have read an interview ...and he was saying that he's not gay...that he had a girlfriend...i think he's not gay!!!

  7. I really don't care too much about his sexual direction(if i can say so). He can be whatever he likes(Drag,Transvestite,Girl...)
    I don't think a celebrity would talk frankly about his/her sexuality, for the media to talk and create rumors and fabric stories.

  8. doar daca se plimba cu un barbat gay nu inseamna ca esi pana la urma care e treaba reporterilor au ramas fara nimic de comentat:(( saraci de voi


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