duminică, 11 octombrie 2009

Top 10 things you should know.

I made a top with some things you should know.

1. Did you knew that a person actually need only 20 minutes of sleep in the daytime in order to recharge the batteries?

2. Do you know that even after we die, for over 37 hours our brain still send electrical signals to the body?

3. Do you know that all the born babies have blue eyes at the birth? The coulour may change after few hours.

4. Do you know that the human body has at the beginning 250 bones and in time some bones stick and we remain with only 144?

5. The eye muscle is the fastest thing that we have,it contracts 100 times per second.

6. Did you know that when body organs and tissues don't receieve air ,the blood turn out to blue colour?

7. You know that in order to get a wrinkle right above your eyebrow you have to frown your eyebrows 200.000 times?

8. You know that you laugh at least 15 times per day?

9. The unborn babies dreams all the time when they are in the belly and if they are born earlier they will dream much more .

10. A man eat around 50 tons of food in a lifetime in order to maintain the body weight around 80 kilograms.

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