joi, 22 octombrie 2009

Top 10 best jobs.

I want to make a top with 10 best jobs that every person could dream about .
1. Island caretaker. A salary can be around 100.000 $.
2.Luxury Bed tester. What an easy and beautiful sjob, sit all day in luxury beds and take a huge salary(1000 quids per bed).
3.Resort waterslide tester. For the guys who love adrenaline and entertainment,this is a great job.
4.Professional Prostitute tester.To be honest it it the first time i hear about this job.:)
5.Wine tester. The wine testers are good paid.
6.Candy tester. This is the dream of every kid,to be able to taste all the possible sweets, candies,cookies. More then that to have a good salary too.
7.Condom tester.If you love to make love,why not to win some money from this by testing condoms?
8.Gamer tester.I am sure are quite lot of people who love to play on play station and not only different games with war,driving cars, sci fi games and many others.
9.Director of fun museum.I am sure every kid would dream this job.
10.Bike rider fr Google's map.It is first time i hear about this job,interesting one,traveling around the world and getting money from this.Why not?

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