joi, 15 octombrie 2009

Kare Rice. How to cook.

Today i am cooking japanese cuisine.

I love Kare(Curry food) and i just receive it recently from Japan.
I will tell the kare recipe for 4 serves.
It is pretty easy,you just need the curry bars,or to prepare yourself the curry,although i never made it always bought it.
For Kare you need: 1 onion,2 potatoes,2 carrots, 200 gr.pork or beef meat,20 grams of butter and 2 bars of curry(kare).
Cut in small cubes the onions,carrots and potatoes.
Cook on a frypan first the meat also cut in small cubes(similar to the vegetable).
After the meat is getting golden and tender you get out ,then put in the same frypan the vegetables and cook them for 2-5 minutes on low fire.
You take all and put in a pot and let it boil for around 20-30 minutes.
If you have the curry bars you put in a plate along with the butter and melt it with hot stok(the water where the meat and vegetables were boiled).After that you put the melted curry into the pot and leave to boil 5 more minutes.
The stok has to be very creamy,in case it's not too creamy ,put 2 tablespoons of flower into a glass and add little cold water ,stir and put over the kare.
If you don't have the curry bars you have to make it.
What you need for curry:

1.curry powder -2 tablespoons,
2.sake- 1 tablespoon,
3.flower-2 tablespoons,
4,salt and pepper.
Mix all that in a pot and then add hot stok,not too much, just about to have a thick composition.
You can serve with rice.
Bon appetite.

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