sâmbătă, 24 octombrie 2009

The future of the cigarette.

I know already the answer of the question,what is the future of the cigarette?
The electronic cigarette!One of the most amazing invention.
I have a friend of mine who just bought it and he is very content to smoke this never ending cigarette.No more spending money on hundred cigarettes.He made a comparison between the real and the fake one.
If you smoke about 2 packets of cigarettes per day,the money you spend are around 100-150 euros.That in Romania.
If it is in Germany or anywhere else in Europe,the price is almost double.
You can also think that are many places where you cannot smoke like:restaurants, offices,planes,trains,etc.
You can smoke this tough, you don't get sick of any disease that a normal cigarette can cause,plus you don't spend money.
It looks just like a normal one, you breath a flavor(cherry,marlboro,strawberry and few other aromas) and get out smoke as you are smoking a real one,the end of the cigarette lights on exactly like a real one,when you get tired and want to finish,just put on table or in your pocket.
It has charger for car,for house,usb for laptop,one cigarette,three cartridge,one atomizer.
The price of a cigarette on the market is around 50 euros and you will pay once a month less then 1o euros for flavors.
Believe me it worth a lot, your mouth will not smell bad,your fingers also,your hair,clothes,house,car,etc.
I will give you some links and show you some photos.
I have quit smoking for over 6 years and i feel great,if i were smoking,definitely i would buy one !


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