marți, 13 ianuarie 2009

The wrestler.2008

I saw last night a great movie and i was happy honestly because lately i see only crap movies and some are very boring that i stop watching them.
This was a blast and i invite you to watch because it is worthing!!
Mickey Rourke looks awesome at his age,52 years old and show shows us such strength and power,a true fighter of his life and not just on stage wrestling for money.
The soundtrack was awesome too ,loved to hear in the back Gun's and Roses.
The story is about a retired wrestler who fought all his life and he was known as The Ram.He has no personal life ,his daughter(the only family hates him because he showed no affection during all this year).
I will let you watch the trailer and why not the movie.
Not sure but i think the movie got a nominee on Golden Globes.

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