vineri, 16 ianuarie 2009

Top 10 Celebrities from Romania under Nip Tuck.

I want to make a top of the Celebrities who had one or more plastic surgeries.

Top 10

1.Marilena Nitu.She had several plastic surgeries.Lips,cheeks, breasts and i think some more,that we don't know:)
2.Florina Mihaila alias Sexy Braileanca had recently few surgeries like nose,cheeks , breasts ,liposuction.
3.Daniela Gyorfi had i think 10 years ago , breast implant and possible nose reconstruction.
4.Elena Basescu was not happy with her nose and lips and she made a correction to her nose and made her lips bigger.
5.Mihaela Radulescu had some plastic surgeries too but some people don't know about that. I know she got two bones out(the last bones from plexus) in order to have a sexy stomach, breast implant and i think she made some correction to her face too.
6.Oana Zavoreanu was touched by nip tuck too,i read somewhere she had 9 surgeries. Breasts, liposuction, lips and God knows what else.
7. Sofia Vicoveanca.Maybe you don't know or haven't heard about her but i know from a source that she had a facial lifting,and neck touch . I am not sure how old is she, i know she has more then 60 years old. Look the photo and you will see what i am talking about.
8.Cristina Spatar was touched many times , her face being reconstructed .
9.Loredana has adjusted her body with the helps of a nip tuck and also her face has been touched a bit,even tough she doesn't recognise.
10.Checky Girls made breast implants in UK and were not happy with so they came in Romania to make a new surgery.
Are many other Celebrities who either reconstructed their nose, face wrinkles with bottox of fat implant,lips and liposuction.This are just few of them.
I don't have anything against plastic surgery as long as a person eally needs it.But to abuse your body by many surgeries,becoming addicted,that is too much.

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