vineri, 23 ianuarie 2009

Restul e tacere ( The rest is silence).The movie.

I have watched last night the movie called *Restul e tacere* a movie made by Nae Caranfil.
It was very interesting and had a good grip on audience.
The story is about the begginning of the cinematography in Romania in the early 1910-1911.
A young boy have a briliant idea to start to shoot and make a movie and he search for a financial help and make a contract with a rich and known personality ,Leon Negrescu.
The plot is very good and you should watch the movie.
I have seen Mihai Bendeac in this movie who appears at the begginning,his role being a journalist.
You can see some great actors as: Marius Vizante,Ovidiu,Niculescu,Mirela Zeta,Silviu Biris and many others.
I have here a trailer .

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