luni, 5 ianuarie 2009

Japan Tetris Game stolen by Prima TV.

It looks like they have lack of inspiration and they started to look in other places for some inspiration.
It is ridiculous to be honest and i cannot stand without saying something.
They try to be very inventive and they want to show that Prima Tv is the best.
Beside Mondenii show and Carcotasii show i almost never watch Prima TV ,because it is boring.
Now they came up with Vedete in figuri wich is the the copy of japanese game called Tetris show from Japan that had a big success few years ago.
I have posted video with that game and i will post again for you to see how lame Prima Tv is.

I have a bad taste in my mouth when i see this.
Sad but true!

Scandal Nikita vs. Mondenii! - MyVideo România

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