luni, 19 ianuarie 2009

Bobby.The movie of JFK.

I watched last night a great movie and to be honest i was amazed to see so many good actors in one movie. Great casting, great story and good plot.
The movie is about the last day of JFK when he was elected and he got invited to Hotel Ambassador to keep the conference and hear the results of the election.
You can see acting in this movie :
Anthony Hopkins,Emilio Esteves,Harry Belafonte,Laurence Fishburne,Heather Graham,Helen Hunt,Demi Moore,Sharon Stone,Joshua Jackson,Ashton Kutcher,Lindsay Lohan,William H. Macy,Christian Slater,Martin Sheen,Elijah Wood,Shia LaBeouf and many more.
You gotta watch the movie. I give it a 10+ for the story and the actors.
Here is a trailer of the movie.

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