sâmbătă, 20 decembrie 2008

Turabo club.

I have been yesterday in Turabo club and i liked what i saw.
It was for the first time when i went there and i was very curious to see other clubs beside Pat club.
A big hall with some big chandeliers ,dancer and great dj's,plus a very nice show with fire made by the bartenders.
Lot of people,not only people with money ,normal people too having fun and enjoying the good music.
One thing i didn't liked. I have something with the toilets, it always gives a good note to the restaurant,pub,club,whatever the location is.
No water to wash your hands after you use the restroom??
Hmm sad,very sad.
If you wan to change location ,clubs,you can come to visit Turabo.
It is open Wednesday,Friday,Saturday.
I will pick some photos for you.
Here is the website:

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