luni, 29 decembrie 2008

Make up for New Year's eve.Tips for make up.

It is very important for the ladies what make up to wear on this important evening between the years.
I would like to bring some suggestions and help the ladies who are uncertain and are not sure what should do.
Always before the make up we have to use a base cream that we use day by day ,this will make the foundation get moisty and fix well on the skin , leaving the skin to breath.
Foundation is is important because it covers all the imperfections ,giving a nice smooth skin ,fresh and very silky. Always choose the colour of your foundation on the interior of your wrist.Test it there to see if the colour is the one for your face.
The concealer have to be applied under the eyes, on the spots you have(if you have) on face and don't forget,don't apply too much ,you will appear like a ghost with too much white under your eyes don't look good.
We add powder with a brush,in this way we don't add in excess.
Some makeup artists add shaddows first ,some add eye liner .
I personally add shaddow first,and i alaways play with the colours.
It is very important the colours of your clothes, your make up should have similar colours too.
If you are very shiny ,wearing golden and silver clothes,you can either choose for smokey eyes with matifiant colours or shiny colours like silver and golden shaddows.
If you are classy dressed it is good and i think it goes perfectly a retro make up, the one like Marilyn Monroe had and even Angelina Jolie use,a slim black eye liner with tail and red lipstic.
Remember a trick,never use smokey eyes with strong lipstic, if you have smokey eyes,i suggest a light lipstic,either brown,either pink,or just simple gloss.
If your eyes are slightly contoured use a stronger colour,red,pink,purple.
I will post here some videos with some of the perfect make up for New Year's eve.
Good luck and wish you a great time .
PS: you can always try the make up before the last moment,when you might make mistake ,or don't have enough time and you are in hurry,the make up might not get well.
Do a little training before.

Smokey eyes tutorial in romanian language.

Smokey eyes.

Shiny smokey eyes

Retro classy look.

Green and white make up

Spice chocolate make up

60's make up

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