sâmbătă, 6 decembrie 2008

Companies that will close their doors in Romania.

I heard that are many companies that will close the factories here and relocate in Bulgaria,Serbia,Ucraina,Russia and Czech Republic or close forever.
Poiana(chocolate factory) will close and leave over 500 workers on the street until the end of 2009,moving in Bulgaria.
Here is an article:

Kraft will also leave Romania and move Bulgaria. Colgate& Palmolive will also close the doors and leave t Bulgaria,i am not sure if Ford is leaving too?Maybe it is just a rumour.
Here is a news about Arpechim:

Dacia company will close for 3 weeks the production because of financial crisis:

Draexlmaier will close temporary 5 factories in our country,read more here:

Also 2 Insurance companies will close .Here is one of them,Unita
Read more here:

The other i am not sure if is the one i know and i cannot find any article,but if will close that company too,everyone will know.:(
I am really sad because this is bad for people,less jobs,less money.
This happens everywhere,even Australia is affected by this world financial crisis.
I hope soon will get better.For everyone!
Happy Hollydays people,let's try to make a better world for us and for our children.

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