marți, 25 noiembrie 2008

Tunnels in Bucharest.

We all know that are hundred tunnels under this city made by Ceausescu ,made to escape from a possible danger.
I have heard from a friend of mine that under his house* ,he can reach one of the tunnels that makes connection to the subterans of Bucharest,being locked up tough.
I was thinking of something.Might bring some good money to State.
If you have ever watched the documentary with catacombs from Paris you might understand my idea.
I will give here a link that will direct you to this story:

My point is, why not to make some of the tunnels available for tourists and to be well organised .This would make a great commercial for this country.
Tunnels of Ceausescu or Tunnels,between history and reality!
I surely would love to visit,of course with a guide that would tell to people some about the history,how it was made and what was the purpose.
Just an idea,if anyone can hear me!

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