joi, 20 noiembrie 2008

Top 10 sexiest romanian boys.

I want to make a top. I know other people might dissagree with me and choose different guys.
I have stayed and thought and here it is my top.
10.Connect R.(singer)
9 Cristi Chivu(soccer player)
7.Vali Barbulescu(dj)
6.Razvan Fodor(actor&singer)
5.Victor Slav(tv show man)
4.Denis Stefan(actor)
3.Marian Nedelcu(model)
2.Cristi Enache(singer)
1.Cristian Boureanu(politic personality)

I want to make a short rectification,i don't support any political party!
Thanks for reading and i want to thank to Apropo and Showbiz for posting my Top!
Thanks guys!

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