joi, 27 noiembrie 2008

Mihai Traistariu is Gay! Is it true?

I was surfing the internet when i found this.
Mihai Traistariu is gay! Well if he is gay what is wrong with this? I don't blame him ,i am just a little shocked of the news.
How would that be tomorrow to read on News that some of our politicians is gay,(i don't want to say any name). i would laugh.
On this website you can hear a discussion between the artist and one guy who recorded the conversation and posted on this website.
I think this story will grow up and we will hear soon news about this.

I want to mention something.
I remember when few years ago he made his official website and something was odd,me and my friends discovered that he stole the image of Blade(the movie) and even his sword,lol and he changed only the heads.Loll
Lame! Good he changed it!:)

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  1. isn't true! watch this:

  2. Looks lik the link it doesn't work and i will post again.It is a video from Dan Capatos(Un show Pacatos) where Traistariu was invited to discuss and tell the truth.
    You can watch also on youtube.


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