duminică, 20 ianuarie 2008

Templul Soarelui.

Tonight before to go to the hospital i went to eat with my fam. I was craving for some chinese food and the best place to go and eat some good chinese food is Templul Soarelui near Foisorul de Foc.
It was crowdy and i had to wait 20 minutes .
From the menu i took Chicken Gongbao because this is what i like with Yangzou rice.
One thing i love and prefer asian restaurants it is because the food doesn't take too much time to be prepared and in approximately 10 minutes you have the plate in your front.
I have tried chinese beer too.It is called Tzin Tao or something like that. Tthe bottle has 640 ml and 4.7 alchool.Pretty good one.
I have to mention on thing that amused me to the maximum. I ordered chopsticks because i always eat asian food with chopsticks and the waiter told me that he doesn't have new ones,just used and washed ones. I asked if they are unic usage ones and he didn't knew to answer,i asked him to show me. Istarted to laugh when i saw that it was indeed unic usage chopsticks, the ones that you eat and after you throw because they are not good to be re used.I prefered to eat with fork and knife.
For the records, the restaurant have a website too.

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