duminică, 20 ianuarie 2008

Pink Eyes .Part two.

I was to the hospital, at the emergency room.
After the doctor examined my eyes and almost got me blind with a strong light that was focused in my eyes to see better what is going on with his mycroscope he gave me the final word: Conjuctivitic cronic!
Blimey, i was expecting but i didnt wanted to hear this.:(
I have to put now some eye drops that are called Floxal 1 eye drop in each eye,at every 2 hours,excepting the nights ,this treatment during 2-3 weeks.
After a week i will have to see an other specialist to check out my eyes and the evolution of the treatment.
I have to mention,the doctor told me that this is contagious. I have to use my own towel, special soap(baby soap to wash my face and eyes),and preferable tissues that i use and throw .
This illness can take time till it goes, it is not good to stay if you have and the best is to see a specialist that it tell what exactly is and gives the right treatment.

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