luni, 28 ianuarie 2008

Bad view of a friends type website.

I have an account to one website where they have some strict rules concerning the upload of the photos that adult explicit .
By that, they understand that is not allowed even to upload photos where the girls are less clothed which means bra and panties their expression is very sexy and sensual and they do commercial ads to some motorcycles.
From now on i will put the photos here and link to that website for the ones who want to see. I do this for art sake !
It is hilarious and annoying in the same time because i have seen other people who write there bullshit,harres the beautiful girls,post photos that are more then just sexy and nobody does anything.
Because last evening i tried to post this photos that i will show here,that website have blocked my account and said i have broke their rules.
I will tell you later what is the name of the website.

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  1. I have to admit... Motociclismo has one thing over ML... babes. Nice ones... :P


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